“Only 4 more days to the weekend” – that’s a tough way to live!

August is a time when lots of people are on holiday and hopefully enjoying themselves. But I think it would be a shame if the only time you really got to enjoy yourself was when you were on vacation. I’ve heard many conversations that take the form “it’s only 4/3/2 days to the weekend”. This is a tough way to live and too many people have some version of this running in their working week.

One of the brilliant things about going on holiday is it allows you to clear your head. To get away from your everyday concerns. Often it’s easier to take stock and see the wood for the trees. I don’t know if you’ve had a vacation or not, but I do know that having some way of regularly taking stock is a recipe for being in control, deciding your direction and feeling good as a result.

The Key to Successful Living

That’s why in preparation for September and on, I thought it might be good to touch on two things. First how you decide on what matters most for you. And secondly to start looking at how, if you have the right tools, you can start to get more of that in your life.

To that end I thought you might like the 2 minute video above where I explore how this all works.

Having the tools to help you do this is what September is all about.

So many times people have taken our NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience or Mastering the Coach Approach in order to learn the skills which will enhance their career prospects. But on many, many occasions they also get clear about where they really want to be going in their future. Having the two together is just magic. It means you have the skills to create a better, more fulfilling future. I think that’s why so often I’m told it was life changing.

If this is something that interests you for yourself – or for others – there’s a lot we have to talk about. (Also if you like discounts check out below as Earlybird discounts end this month).

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Earlybird Discounts ending this month

The NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience and the ICF Accredited Mastering the Coach Approach Programme both give you tools that can help you to get the most from life. And more than that, the tools allow you to help others do the same. So if you’re interested in making a change for the better, and helping others – be they individuals, teams or organisations – do the same, then we look forward to seeing you when these programmes begin in September. Earlybird Discounts end in August – contact any of us on the ITS Team for specific dates and details.