The Power of Coaching comes not just from the effectiveness of its numerous tools but also the fact that these are skills that anyone can easily use. As one of the world’s leading Coaches, Ian McDermott’s great skill lies in translating Coaching into simple steps that you can use immediately to make a profound difference to your life. On this exclusive double CD, Ian introduces you to a powerful set of skills that will enable you to assist yourself and others make rapid, lasting change.

  • Hear live demonstrations of Coaching in Action
  • Discover why Questions are the key to effective Coaching
  • Experience the power of The Balance Wheel
  • Focus on the fundamentals being present and being curious
  • Learn a set of practical skills that you will be able to use immediately to impact your personal and professional life

Table of Contents

CD 1

  1. Introduction to Essential Coaching Skills (16.34)
  2. The Fundamentals: Being present and being Curious (11.26)
  3. What”s in a Question? (12.17)

CD 2

  1. The Balance Wheel (21.34)
  2. Discussion (20.05)
  3. The Professional Balance Wheel (26.39)
  4. Final Word (3.34)