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Neuroscience Learning Zone

A platform for making Neuro-Effective™ tools and techniques available based on the latest research. Your brain is the driving force behind every thought, memory, emotion and behaviour that you have had or ever will have – wouldn’t it be useful to know how to work with it, rather than against it?

“The human brain can make sense and connection of just about anything.”

What does it mean to be Neuro-Effective™?

As consultants our experience is that business can really benefit from some of the work being done in neuroscience but it needs to be applied neuroscience. That’s why when we advise on how individuals, teams and organisations can best apply current research there is one question we always ask about current and proposed practice. It’s a really simple question but it always guides us toward best practice.

The question is this: Is this way of doing things neuro-effective™? Or to put it another way, are you, your team and the organisation working with the way the brain works – or not? We want to share the fruits of this way of thinking which will provide practical ways for you and your organisation to become more neuro-effective™.

Ian McDermott (ITS Founder) & Patricia Riddell (Professor of Applied Neuroscience)


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