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Applied Neuroscience for Coaches

With Professor Patricia Riddle & Ian McDermott

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    If the brain is the driving force behind every thought, memory, emotion and behaviour then it really is a no brainer, that knowing more about how the brain works will benefit you as a coach.

    “We have come together because we were really interested how the work coming out of Neuroscience could be applied to enhance coaches’ delivery and what they can offer to clients and there are some really obvious things that are fundamental here.”

    “So there is something here about clients, individuals and teams starting to recognise that there is much more of me, of them than we knew there was before.”

    – Ian McDermott.

    Topics covered in the webinar:

    How can a knowledge of Neuroscience enhance your coaching?

    • Coaching Delivery
    • Questioning Skills
    • Value to client

    How can you change clients’ limiting beliefs?

    • What changes in the brain?
    • When do changes in the brain happen?
    • How do we maximise and utilise change?

    How can we help clients to generate new possibilities?

    • Create new options
    • Create new beliefs
    • Maximise likelihood of change

    How can we maximise coaching impact?

    • Understand the paradox of change
    • Challenge resistance
    • Maximise motivation

    How can YOU stand out?

    • Credibility of knowledge about the brain
    • Increased knowledge of why we behave as we do
    • Greater curiosity