The Evolution of the Brain: Video Series

Your brain is the driving force behind every thought, memory, emotion and behaviour that you have had or ever will have – wouldn’t it be useful to know how to work with it, rather than against it?

This video series will introduce you to basic information about the brain that is needed in order to begin to understand how this remarkable organ works. With this knowledge, it will become easier to learn why people behave in particular ways at home and at work.

Presented by Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott
Patricia is a Professor of Applied Neuroscience with a unique combination of skills that allow her to bring the expanding knowledge that we have about the brain and how it drives behaviour, to individuals and organisations.

Ian is the Founder of ITS and has dedicated his life to giving people the tools to deal with the challenges they face and the necessary skills to create their own solutions. He does this both personally and professionally with individuals, with teams and with organisations.

This video comes with a FREE PDF booklet which covers the content in the videos.

Video 1: Learning about the Brain

This video will address:

  • A basic understanding of why learning about the brain matters
  • An introduction to the video series and how it can be useful.
  • Who the experts are presenting this material.

Video 2: How your Brain came to Be

This video will address:

  • How the brain has developed to survive and thrive in evolutionary terms.
  • Breaking down a complex organ into simple parts & their functions
  • Providing basic neuroscienctific terminology for conversations.
  • A way of thinking which is “to understand the brain, look at what it is trying to achieve”.

Video 3: The Brain as a System

This video will address:

  • Understanding of how the parts of your brain connect up
  • How different parts of the brain act together to create complex behaviours
  • How changing activity within the system affects behaviour.
  • The form, function & role of the neuron.

Video 4: The Chemical Brain

This video will address:

  • Introducing the main neurotransmitters.
  • Understanding what your neurotransmitters can do for you.
  • Chemical signalling in the brain.
  • The neuroscience of modulating behaviour.

Video 5: Your Changing Brain

This video will address:

  • Understanding of how your brain changes to work best for you.
  • The mechanisms in the brain that allow it to develop & learn.
  • The concept of neuroplasticity.
  • The impact of age on the brain.

Video 6: Applied Neuroscience: Continuing Your Learning

This video will give you a basic overview of what steps you can take next to continue your

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