Executive Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Executives in an organisational environment is a complex process, requiring the coach to have an excellent ability to design alliances and navigate the challenges of multiple relationships. Each of the following three 90 minute webinars will address the areas that an Executive Coach must be schooled in, in order to create a productive, safe and ethical relationship. Each class also highlights the critical ICF Competencies that are a part of the process.

1. Creating a Foundation for Success

  • Making the case for Executive Coaching
  • Your role as an Executive Coach
  • Creating effective Coaching Agreements
  • Self as an Executive Coach

2. On-Boarding and Contracting in Organisational Coaching

  • Contracting the Relationship
  • Defining success measures
  • Confidentiality and Reporting
  • Characteristics of an Executive Coach

3. Navigating Ethical Complexities in Executive Coaching

  • Managing Sticky Situations
  • Internal versus External Executive Coaches
  • Abrasive Leaders
  • Considering Culture

Who is this workshop for?

This is recommended for coaches that are looking to work in an organisational system with the top leadership.

Please note: These webinars are part of the Mastering the Coach Approach Programme

Meet the trainer

Pamela Richarde

A pioneer in the field, and as co-creator of the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies has helped shape what we know coaching to be today. A Master Certified Coach (ICF MCC), as well as a Professional Mentor Coach Pam is also a founding member of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and a past President of the ICF.

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