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Working with the Wisdom Within

So much of your potential lies in your unconscious. The trick is knowing how to access it and put it to work. Tim Hallbom can give you the practical tools to do this.

When you have the how-tos the applications are almost limitless.

Here are two applications Tim will be demonstrating:

  • Learning how to develop a Wealthy Mind will change your quality of life.
  • Learning how to let go of limiting responses will allow you new possibilities.

An example? One of the patterns Tim will be demonstrating can change allergic responses. Both this and the Wealthy Mind processes are made possible by working with your unconscious.

That’s why Tim will also be showing you how to use hypnosis with yourself and others. Expect to create more confidence and resilience for yourself and others during these days.

So much of what makes you a more or less effective communicator has nothing to do with the words you use but how you operate in the space you occupy. That’s why Tim wants to show you how to put psychogeography to work.

And as if that wasn’t enough Tim will also be demonstrating advanced eye-accessing techniques to get fast change. He is justly famous for this work. (You’ll be pretty amazed by how much he’s able to show you).

Throughout these 3 days Tim will be demonstrating the how tos and giving you the opportunity to implement these new approaches by learning specific practical techniques.

This is an advanced training and highly experiential.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for people with significant NLP experience and/or an NLP Practitioner qualification.

Please note: This workshop is Module 2 of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Programme

Meet the trainer

Tim Hallbom

Tim Halbom is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, developer and author. His pioneering work with his wife Kris Halbom has resulted in The Wealthy Mind training which ITS offers once a year.

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