Applied Neuroscience

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Starts 19th March 2022
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What makes this programme unique?

  • It distills complex, cutting edge Neuroscience research into tools that are understandable and immediately useful.
  • It is the first of its kind anywhere. Professor of Applied Neuroscience Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott have been collaborating to make current state of the art neuroscience available in a practical format.
  • It combines Patricia’s many years experience in teaching and researching psychology and neuroscience with Ian’s in delivering real behavioural change for individuals, teams and organisations.
  • It covers a wide range of applications in just 10 days: motivation, creativity, memory, emotion regulation, stress, resilience and decision making among others.

Your Learning Journey

This programme is broken into 5 key areas which run over 5 months.

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Module 1

Module 1: Emotion Regulation and Motivation

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Module 2

Module 2: Creativity and Insight

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Module 3

Module 3: Learning and Memory

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Module 4

Module 4: Decision Making and Planning

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Module 5

Module 5: Stress, Resilience & Contemplation

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Meet your Trainers

Professor Patricia Riddell

Co-creator of this programme, Patricia is a Professor of Applied Neuroscience, a chartered psychologist and a chartered scientist. She creates cutting edge training tools that integrate and expand on the most recent findings in neuroscience.

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Ian McDermott

Over the past 7 years, co-creator of this programme, Ian McDermott has worked with Patricia Riddell to bring the fruits of Neuroscience research out of the lab so that everyone can have access to the practical benefits of current cutting edge neuroscience research.

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Who is this programme for?

Anyone who wishes to enhance both personal and professional life by gaining a deeper understanding of the brain and how to work with it.




The tools instantly apply to most of the important areas of human activity.
You might choose to take this programme for interest sake, or, if you wish a higher level of credibility, you might choose to work towards a Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and/or a Practitioner in Brain and Behaviour Change.

No prior training is required.

What is Applied Neuroscience
and what can it do for you?

Understanding a little of how the brain works can create significantly more insight into the sometimes mystifying complexities of the behaviour of your team, your colleagues, your boss – even your family.

Right now there is a lot of buzz around neuroscience but too often not much real practical neuroscience. Learn how to apply current research so individuals, teams and organisations can be more effective.

Get a flavour of what’s possible

Practical applications that work for individuals, teams and organisations.

Emotional Calibration

Creating Creativity

Memory and Event Horizons

Importance of Gut Feel

Be in Charge of your Decision Making Battery

Benefits of the Applied Neuroscience Programme


  • Helps you understand what is going on in people’s heads.
  • Gives you tools for making behavioural change easier for yourself and others.
  • Provides the “whys” for many aspects of human behaviour.
  • Gives you practical tools for decreasing stress levels.
  • Scientific tips for maximising your own performance.


  • Improves performance within teams by explaining and validating individual differences and showing how they are vital to success.
  • Shows how to reduce demotivation and increase motivation.
  • Increases awareness of human potential and how to get the most out of our collective brain power.


  • Demonstrates how to increase creativity and innovation.
  • Provides models of decision making and how to optimise this.
  • Gives insight into the neuroscience of leadership.
  • Gives you the scientific evidence and vocabulary to neutralise resistance to change.

What graduates of this programme have to say

When and where does the
Applied Neuroscience Programme take place?

Our annual Applied Neuroscience Programme starts 19th March 2022.

This programme is entirely online using the Zoom platform. This means you can join us from wherever you are in the world and have no travel (jetlag!) and accommodation to be thinking of and paying out for. What might you do with that time and money you’re saving?

Online learning

Dates & Times

Module 1:
Emotion Regulation and Motivation
19th – 20th March 2022

Module 2:
Creativity and Insight
23rd – 24th April 2022

Module 3:
Learning and Memory
21st – 22nd May 2022

Module 4:
Decision Making and Planning
18th – 19th June 2022

Module 5:
Stress, Resilience & Contemplation
16th – 17th July  2022

Each day will run from 10am to 5pm UK time

Programme Video Tutorials
The Evolution of the Brain
Learn what you need to know about the brain in four short 30 minute videos, which are :

  • How your brain came to be
  • How the parts of your brain connect up
  • What your neurotransmitters can do for you
  • How your brain changes to work best for you
What will I learn on this programme?
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