NLP Coaching is not just about working with other people – you can also use these same NLP Coaching skills to successfully Coach yourself. Whether you want to plan your career more effectively, have more control over your thoughts and feelings, improve relationships or tackle issues from the past, this CD is designed to give you what you need to be your own best Coach.

  • Learn how the skills of NLP Coaching can be used by all of us, regardless of our professions, to Coach ourselves more effectively
  • Master some of the powerful NLP Coaching tools for creating rapid change and lasting results
  • Discover how NLP adds a vital new dimension to traditional Coaching skills
  • Learn how to develop your most important relationship of all your relationship with yourself

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Coaching and NLP (23.36)
  2. The Coach from Hell! (2.22)
  3. Your Ideal Coach (5.48)
  4. Incremental Change (5.50)
  5. Contrastive Analysis (12.58)
  6. Designing the Alliance (16.36)