3 hour live-online workshop

Discover Applied Neuroscience:
How to leverage the power of your brain

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Delivered by Professor Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott

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The little understanding that most of us have about how our brain works is hopelessly out-of-date – and with that comes with it a huge amount of mis-application.

This session will give you a greater understanding of how the brain runs our thoughts, emotions and behaviour and what you can do to have more choice, confidence and professional credibility. You will gain a deeper understanding of the brain and how to work with it, if you wish to enhance both your personal and professional life.

Understanding a little of how the brain works can create significantly more insight into the sometimes mystifying complexities of the behaviour of your team, your colleagues, your boss – even your family. Discovering this new world of learning will illuminate a whole range of exciting new possibilities in growth and development.

Right now there is a lot of buzz around neuroscience but too often not much real practical neuroscience. Learning how to apply current research so individuals, teams and organisations can be more effective is an exciting area of growth and potential for all.

Cutting edge research in Applied Neuroscience makes it clear that every neurotypical human brain can learn at any age and any stage of life – it’s never too late to make the most of what you’ve got.

Some benefits of attending this session include:

  • Experience a whole new field of understanding that is rapidly and increasingly shaping the world around us and gives us better ways of thinking – for leading, for coaching, for parenting, for teaching – indeed for all important areas of human activity.
  • Learn what is current and what is not-so-current knowledge on how you can use the practical side of neuroscience so effectively and have greater credibility.
  • Discover how this knowledge can elevate the impact you can have on beliefs and behaviours – of people, teams and cultures – by learning how to work with the brain, rather than against it.
  • Benefit from many years of complex research and experience being distilled into tools that are understandable and immediately useful.
  • Get this knowledge directly from a neuroscientist; Patricia Riddell, Professor of Applied Neuroscience. Combine Patricia’s many years experience in teaching and researching psychology and neuroscience with Ian McDermott’s in delivering real behavioural change for individuals, teams and organisations, and you get powerful and hugely effective results.

The workshop will consist of learning new skills and new ways of thinking. You’ll be able to explore and practice these in small groups so that you can begin to integrate what you are learning into a way that is meaningful and practical for you.

Meet your trainers

Professor Patricia Riddell

A Professor of Applied Neuroscience and a chartered psychologist and chartered scientist. She is passionate about bringing the expanding knowledge that we have about the brain and how it drives behaviour to professionals.

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Ian McDermott

The Founder of ITS and the man who brought NLP and coaching together. Ian is also External Faculty at Henley Business School and a co-creator of the Henley MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural Change. He has literally trained a generation of coaches and is a member of the Association for Coaching’s Global Advisory Panel, as well as being a prolific author of and contributor to a range of coaching books.

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