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Mastering the
Coach Approach

Unlock talent & confidence in yourself and those around you with our ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme

Starts 26th September 2019
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Whether you’re a parent, a manager, a leader, or thinking of starting a career in coaching, Mastering the Coach Approach introduces a way of communicating that can transform a life, a team, an organisation – even your family.

What is the Coach Approach
and why do you want to master it?

The essence of The Coach Approach is being able to unlock the talent, ability and passion that people have within them.

This is what people pay a coach to do – but you don’t have to be a coach to do it. Good coaching skills can be learned and applied by anyone.

The Coach Approach is great for anyone looking to learn the fundamental principles and communication techniques that go into getting the best results out of individuals. But it’s also ideal for those seeking to take their first steps toward achieving ICF coaching certification.

Who is this coaching programme for?

This programme is for two types of people;

Those who want to become independent
or in-house coaches

Those who want to develop a Coach Approach
that draws the best out of people

Whether you’re a CEO, student, team leader, parent, teacher, mentor, manager, doctor – or anyone with a keen interest in developing the talents of those around them – it shows you how you can learn and use these skills in just about any setting to help people achieve their potential.

What makes this programme unique?

  • Mastering the Coach Approach uses a mix of online and face-to-face teaching over 8 months during our once-yearly programme, this year commencing on 26th September 2019.
  • Mastering the Coach Approach is made truly unique by our programme leaders: Ian McDermott, Pamela Richarde, Terrie Lupberger and Professor Patricia Riddell – four renowned Master Coaches from different schools of thought.
  • You’ll discover how to Master the Coach Approach – by learning how to apply coaching skills in just about any setting to draw the best out of people.
  • ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme – develop the 11 core competencies of coaching whilst establishing your own unique style.
  • Skills-based, real-time, face-to-face practice and learning with expert feedback.
  • Receive an ITS coaching certificate on successful completion of our coaching programmes.
  • ITS Connect – our online platform for students of this programme to communicate, share and connect. Resources and in-course communications are shared on this platform throughout the programme and you receive permanent access to this after the programme has ended.

What are the benefits of Mastering the Coach Approach?


  • Shows you how to overcome challenges in a wide range of situations, from the shop floor to the C-suite.
  • Helps you develop an engaging leadership style and acts as a leadership development tool in its own right.
  • Grows people personally, allowing them to feel more confident, composed and courageous.
  • Builds a great foundation for anyone hoping to achieve life coach certification, executive coach certification or business coach certification.


  • Develops techniques that work across whole teams and foster accountability within them.
  • Magnifies and accelerates team achievement potential by unlocking people’s skills and talents, enabling them to be more proactive and less dependent.


  • Increases employee retention and satisfaction while reducing attrition.
  • Manages change and transition much more effectively, be it individually, in teams or organisationally.
  • Builds a culture that embraces innovation.

Who will teach me?

The Mastering the Coach Approach programme is led by 4 world-renowned trainers, each a leading figure within their specialism, who bring their unique insights together to teach you how to become an effective coach.

Ian McDermott

The Founder of ITS and the man who brought NLP and coaching together. Ian is also External Faculty at Henley Business School and a co-creator of the Henley MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural Change. He has literally trained a generation of coaches and is a member of the Association for Coaching’s Global Advisory Panel, as well as being a prolific author of and contributor to a range of coaching books.

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Pamela Richarde

A pioneer in the field, and as co-creator of the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies has helped shape what we know coaching to be today. A Master Certified Coach (ICF MCC), as well as a Professional Mentor Coach Pam is also a founding member of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and a past President of the ICF.

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Terrie Lupberger

An executive coach (ICF MCC), talent developer for leaders and contributor to the development of the coaching profession since 1995, including 9 years as a CEO of an international training organisation. Terrie is a former Board Member of the ICF and has been a member of the Credentialing Committee since 2002.

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Professor Patricia Riddell

A Professor of Applied Neuroscience and a chartered psychologist and chartered scientist. She is passionate about bringing the expanding knowledge that we have about the brain and how it drives behaviour to professionals.

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What do our graduates say about our
Mastering the Coach Approach?

When and where does Mastering the Coach Approach take place?

Mastering the Coach Approach is a substantial programme, extending over 8 months, so we’re only able to run it once per year. Our 2019/20 starts on 20th September 2019 at the London Kensington Forum, so be sure not to miss out.

Dates & Times


Module 1:
Laying the Foundations
26th September – 29th September 2019

Module 2:
An Ontological Approach
15th November – 17th November 2019

Module 3:
Integration Master Class: Coaching, Neuroscience & NLP
24th January – 26th January 2020

Module 4:
Advanced Coaching
2nd April – 5th April 2020

Time: 10am to 5.30pm UK time


Pre-Programme Induction Webinar
17th September 2019

Ontological Approach Webinars
1. The Language of Leadership
7th January 2020
2. The Emotionally Agile Coach
14th January 2020
3. Coaching and the Body
21st January 2020

Executive Coaching Webinars
1: Creating a Foundation for Success
4th February 2020
2: On-boarding & Contracting in Organisational Coaching
11th February 2020
3: Navigating Ethical Complexities in Executive Coaching
18th February 2020

In-Programme  Check-in Webinars
15th October 2019, 10th December 2019, 10th March 2020, 12th May 2020

Time: 7pm UK (approximately 90 minutes in length)


London Kensington Forum
Holiday Inn, Kensington
London, UK

Price: £2975 + VAT

Interest free payment plans are available

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