Advising senior leaders worldwide.
Coaching the next generation to be innovative leaders.
Making transformation safe.

Leadership is at the heart of everything we do

We work with organisations around the world.

We give people the skills to innovate their own solutions.
We deliver tailored programmes for real and lasting change from the C-Suite down.
We provide bespoke coaching, training and advisory input.

The ITS Team focuses on 5 main areas


Leadership is like charity it begins at home. How well you can lead yourself impacts how well you can lead others.

Learn how to do both.


Innovation is essential for organisations to reinvent and reposition themselves. It’s also how we renew ourselves as people.

Learn how to do both.


Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is a learnable skill: vital if you want people to be generative and committed.

Learn how to foster this mindset.


Collaboration is good for people, passion and profits. It neutralises disengagement and enables us to achieve more than we ever could on our own.

Learn how to do this.


The Risk Continuum goes from risk aversion through risk avoidance to risk awareness. Each triggers different parts of the brain.

Learn which works best when. And how to trigger each.

Having the right how-to’s in these 5 key areas of business will ultimately determine the future you create for your business, your clients and your colleagues.

Delivering practical how-to’s requires field testing what really works.
That’s why it matters that ITS has thirty years of successful consulting, coaching and advisory work.

We also need to have some idea about why things work.
That’s why we are at the cutting edge of the neuroscience revolution that is changing the way individuals, teams and organisations can maximise performance.

ITS clients include: