If you want to be really effective in any area of life you’ll find it easier when you know the how-to’s. On this CD you will find some of the most effective tools that have yet been developed. You’ll also find that you can apply them to great effect both at work and at home. They are quite simply tools that can turn change into transformation.

  • Highlights from NLP Practitioner training with Ian McDermott
  • How to Build Choice: Understanding States
  • How to Change Perspective: Association & Dissociation
  • How to Make Sense of Behaviour: The Power of Reframing
  • Simple and Easy Change: Using Submodalities

Table of Contents

  1. How to Build Choice (61.12)
  2. How to Change Perspective (51.08)
  3. How to Make Sense of Behaviour (54.22)
  4. Simple and Easy Change (61.42)