People often say that it’s good to let sleeping dogs lie – but what happens when those dogs won’t lie down? What if certain situations trigger a response in you which you know is out of all proportion?

And what happens when something from the past invades the present so that certain feelings or memories which you don’t like keep coming back?

Whenever this happens, the past is running your present.

Whether it’s a phobia or a trauma, the NLP techniques demonstrated on these CDs show how anyone can lay the past to rest and be free. So, whether you know someone who has a fear of flying or someone with a troubled past, it’s good to know that there is a simple and easy, profound and lasting way through.

These CDs make clear the underlying grammar of phobic states and show clearly how an experienced NLP Practitioner works to enable people to become free and respond appropriately to what were formally triggers for distress.

Brigid Proctor, BAC Accredited Supervisor.

Table of Contents

CD 1

1. The NLP Phobia Cure (51.15)


2. Profound Trauma Resolution (52.02)