The Neuroscience of Managing Change

Navigating unprecedented change

As the last few months have made abundantly clear, change happens whether we like it or not. How we react to this change will influence our future and others. This holds true for teams, organisations and society as a whole. Understanding how best to respond will help us all choose better options for ourselves, our families and our work.

We are offering this online workshop to share with you how neuroscience can help us deal with such unprecedented change and such an uncharted future.

Who is this online workshop for?

For anyone who wants to be more resourceful for themselves, their clients, their teams and their family, when change feels overwhelming or challenging.

You may be:

  • Part of an organisation that is being restructured.
  • Helping someone else or a team who are going through change.
  • Going through a change in your personal circumstances.
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Neuroscience – the Real Deal

Current neuroscience research makes it very clear that not only is changing the brain easy – it is actually what the brain is designed to do. Our brains are designed to adapt to new environments, and to learn and remember new information. The ease with which we do this is astounding. In some areas of the brain, we can replace 20% of our synapses every 24 hours. So, the ability to change is not restricted by change at the level of the brain.

If the neuroscience suggests that our brains can change easily, there must be other things getting in the way.

Understanding what these “other things” are and the brain’s role in dealing with change can provide us with new and better choices. That’s what we want to share with you on this day.

During this one-day workshop, you will:

  • Learn how your brain typically responds to change
  • Learn how you can be in control of this response
  • Understand different attitudes to change and what drives these
  • Learn how to influence people to embrace change more willingly
  • Take home practical neuroscience tips on how to manage change elegantly

Expect to leave this workshop with practical tools you can use at work - and home – with yourself, other people and even teams.

During this workshop, we will give you specific tips from neuroscience and will encourage you to try things out so you can test and apply these in a fun way before you leave.

If you would like to know more about the 10 day programme that Ian and Patricia deliver, please go to Applied Neuroscience Programme 

Your trainers

Right now there is so much hype around neuroscience - but when you look at much of what’s on offer, you won't see too many neuroscientists! ITS is unique in having a Consultant Neuroscientist on faculty.

Join Professor of Applied Neuroscience, Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott and learn how you can apply the most recent findings of neuroscience to change management.

Professor Patricia Riddell

A Professor of Applied Neuroscience and a chartered psychologist and chartered scientist. She is passionate about bringing the expanding knowledge that we have about the brain and how it drives behaviour to professionals.

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Ian McDermott

Over the past 7 years, co-creator of the Applied Neuroscience Programme, Ian McDermott has worked with Patricia Riddell to bring the fruits of Neuroscience research out of the lab so that everyone can have access to the practical benefits of current cutting edge neuroscience research.

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