Being a leader is not about commanding vast armies of people, nor is it about having power over others. People who seek power over others are usually chronically disempowered individuals themselves. Nor is leadership about control: the better you are as a leader the more you are able to influence. The more influential you are, the less you need to try to control.

These are learnable leadership skills. The ITS Practitioner Programme gives you tried and tested practical tools – combined with supporting neuroscience research – to show you both what works and why it works. People come from all over the world to take this programme because of it’s practical how to techniques.

However, I think there’s another dimension which is just as important. To enhance someone’s ability to be a leader, one must first enhance the individual who will be that leader. To be a good leader of others you first need to know how to lead yourself. And to really lead yourself you need to know how to be true to yourself. Because this is part of the programme people emerge as real leaders in their own lives.

I wanted to capture some of the ways this shows up in practice. I think you’ll find these two short audio clips interesting if you want to know what’s possible when people have both the will and the way.

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