“As a multidisciplinary subject, neuroscience draws on knowledge and expertise from many fields of science, from molecular biology to psychology.”

It is difficult to think of an organ that is more complex than the brain. All of our thoughts, actions, memories, feelings, and experiences of the world are derived from the brain. An absolutely incredible organ that contains approximately one hundred billion neurons, can generate twenty watts of electricity and can hold 2.5 million gigabytes (or, if your brain was Netflix, this would be like being able to hold 300 hours of TV shows!)

We learn more about the brain every day, and the more we know, the easier we can apply this knowledge in both academic and business settings. Unfortunately, the majority of the population has very little insight into how the brain works – and many of those that do, have information that is out of date and redundant. 

What is Applied Neuroscience?

As a multidisciplinary subject, neuroscience draws on knowledge and expertise from many fields of science, from molecular biology to psychology. It is the combination of medical, evolutionary, and computational disciplines, aimed at better understanding how the human brain’s nerve cells develop, grow, and interact to form thoughts and actions.

Here at ITS, we realise that Applied Neuroscience can be quite a daunting subject. That is why we focus on the practical side. We take extensive studies from years of scientific research and make it fit into your life in the most constructive way possible. Leaving you with a greater understanding of yourself, others and how you can take what you learn out into the world with an air of confidence and understanding that was unavailable to you before. 

How can Applied Neuroscience benefit atypical brains day to day?

Applied Neuroscience can improve your professional and personal life, if you have the tools to be able to apply it in the correct way.

Learning how the brain works can give you a greater understanding of the sometimes mystifying nature of how others behave – whether this is your team, your colleagues, your boss, or even your family. Once you have this knowledge, it can lead you into a new realm of  growth, development and prospects.

3 Benefits of integrating Applied Neuroscience into your life:

1. Become aware of a whole new field of understanding that is rapidly and irrevocably changing the world around us and improving the way we think about leading, coaching, parenting, teaching, and all other key facets of human activities. 

2. You get to learn how to work with the brain rather than against it. You will have a clearer understanding of what goes on in people’s minds and understand why people behave in the way that they do.

3. Develop a skill set that will allow you to increase creativity, innovation, decrease stress levels, streamline your decision making process, maximise your performance and so much more, helping you to get the most out of the collective brain power available to you.

What’s next?

Now that you have more information about what Applied Neuroscience is and what it can do for you, are you ready to take the next step?

Here at ITS, we offer an ‘Applied Neuroscience Programme‘. Spanning over a period of five months (each month has two full day sessions) this programme will kick start your knowledge and by the end, you will be able to reap all of the benefits that Applied Neuroscience has to offer. The programme is run over Zoom by Professor Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott, two experts in their field.

Patricia’s extensive experience teaching, researching, and digesting science into practical training tools is combined with Ian McDermott’s expertise in delivering behavioural change.

During the programme, participants will learn new skills and new ways of thinking. Throughout the course, you will work in small groups to investigate and practice these skills, so that you can begin to apply what you are learning in a meaningful and practical manner.

Visit our Learning Zone for more information or if you want to talk to someone about the programme simply ‘Register your interest‘.