A short interview with Tim Hallbom

Tim Hallbom walks us through the content of his workshop ‘Working with the Wisdom Within & Hypnosis’ and explains the powerful tools someone will gain from attending, aiding their journey to NLP Mastery.

Why would someone want to take their NLP Practitioner training further and become an NLP Master Practitioner?

In NLP Practitioner you get a lot of the basis skills, but with NLP Master Practitioner you are really moving beyond capability and beyond behavioural change onto a whole area of working with beliefs and identity. Those kind of deep levels of changes that define who you are in the world.

I always think it’s a crime when someone does NLP Practitioner, but doesn’t go onto the NLP Master Practitioner programme. It’s like… You almost got there and you turned around and left or something!

You talk about deep areas of change with beliefs, how is this explored in the module?

We first start by examining the beliefs that might be holding you back and preventing you from really having what you want from life. We will learn how to pinpoint these beliefs, because they tend to be unconscious.

Once they’re pinpointed, which is really an art in many ways, then you can change them and people will learn a really powerful way to do this consistently.

So anybody that attends the programme will go away knowing how to identify their limiting beliefs and how to change them and how to work with others who have those same kind of concerns.

The second method we’ll learn for change, is called the Foreground/Background Process. Which is a process that I think most seems like magic in NLP.

What is the Foreground/Background Process and why is it referred to as magic?

When we look back to the early days of NLP, there are books that have the words ‘Magic of Action’ in the title, because it seemed magical to the people who changed so rapidly and powerfully in such a quick order.

Foreground/Background Process is one that you can use for many things like change allergies, change pain, deal with physical issues but also unwanted emotions – it’s a wonderful process for transformation.

Another gift from NLP is Eye Accessing, because I think it allows you as a Master Practitioner to move way beyond what most people can do.

How is Eye Accessing covered in this module?

In my module people will learn how to work with Eye Accessing in a whole new way.

What I found over the years, is that you can pinpoint the origins of virtually any limiting belief or any value or any internal difficulties, by noticing the position of the eyes and then drilling down from there.

What about hypnosis?

We will end with some hypnosis.

NLP has this kind of hypnotic piece to it. Most everybody knows that a lot of NLP was modelled from Milton Erickson and some other hypnotists.

So people coming will learn how to hypnotise themselves into a deep receptive state for change, but will also know how to help virtually anybody get into a deep trance where they can create chance.

We’ll also learn the fundamentals for what you can do when someone is in trance, to help them get more of what they want; whether it’s reducing stress, changing a behaviour or for opening new doors that weren’t available to them before.

Can you sum up the experience of the whole module in a few sentences?

It’s a lively and active weekend!

There is a lot of learning and I think the thing I’ve been most proud of, is that people can go away and immediately start practicing the things they have learnt from the 3 days.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for people with significant NLP experience and/or an NLP Practitioner qualification.

Please note: This workshop is Module 2 of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Programme

If you want to find out more or join Tim in his module ‘Working with the Wisdom Within & Hypnosis’ head over to the booking page.