Part of what makes a coach outstanding is their ability to be human and at the same time rigorous. How a coach actually organizes their practice tells you a lot about whether they’ve got this blend right. Jan Elfline is my personal example of how to get the right mix. I’m therefore delighted that Jan has decided to make available her blueprints that have contributed to her international success.

Ian McDermott

Creating your Intake Packet

The Intake packet is usually your first written contact with your client. The Intake forms you send out in preparation for the Intake or foundation meeting set the tone for the coaching relationship. You want them to be clear and professional. These forms contain important content for this initial meeting, and can easily be adapted to your personal graphic style or your creative content.

How to introduce coaching

Most prospective coaching clients are interested in finding out a bit about what coaching is, how it should work and what to expect from coaching. These forms introduce the process of coaching and describe what good coaching should be like and is information to send to clients or interested individuals.

Successful Practice Management

Skill in coaching is only a part of running a successful coaching business. You need to send invoices and track income, schedule appointments and keep records. The forms in this section allow you to do these tasks easily, so you can concentrate on the fun part of your work coaching!

Easy Documentation

If you aspire to apply for recognition as a Certified Coach, you will need to track your client hours and training hours. When this record keeping is done in an ongoing way, you will find completing your application for instance to the International Coach Federation simple and straightforward. Here’s how to make it easy.

Effective Training Agreements

Many coaches also offer training in businesses, organizations and with private groups. By sharing expectations when the training contract is initially made, you can avoid confusion or disappointment later on in the relationship. These documents ensure you cover the bases.

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