Have you ever asked yourself what you get really paid for in the world of work?

At the end of the day it is to make and fulfill promises that contribute to an organization’s mission and bottom line. You are paid to make and keep the promises it needs fulfilling in order to achieve its commitments to all of its stakeholders.

Notice the word ‘promise’ here. You aren’t being paid for trying. You aren’t being paid for working hard. You aren’t being paid for your best intentions. If you can’t promise results – if you can’t make and keep your promises – then why should an organization pay you?

Promises are the most basic unit of co-ordination between two or more people. However many people have difficulty delivering on them. Many people seem to either over-promise, under promise, or live in a perpetual state of “hope”. None of these are recipes for success.

Terrie Lupberger shows how you can help yourself and others deliver more by understanding the art of making promises – promises that are aligned with the needs of your customers and which, equally important, can work for you.

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