Introducing the Lab Profile with Shelle Rose Charvet


It can be frustrating when you have a clear vision in your mind, only to explain it to someone and they aren’t convinced or don’t see it in the way that you do. Trying to advise someone who needs help but won’t put the time in to help themselves can also be difficult.

Having the ability to listen to how people speak so that you can understand, predict and influence people’s behavior would help you to be more persuasive and allow you to solve communication problems easier. This is exactly what the world expert on the LAB Profile , Shelle Rose Charvet is offering on her online programme based on the NLP Meta Programmes. Many people have read Shelle’s bestselling book ‘Words That change Minds’ and now want to learn the skills for themselves.

Shelle says,

People make major shifts depending on the context. How you think when you are at work may be very different than when you are having an argument at home, or when you are lying on a beach, or when you are thinking about making a career change, or even doing your grocery shopping. Having an impact is about being able to go to the other person’s bus stop, and from their bus stop, respecting their way of thinking and their kind of language, inviting them onto your bus. And if you don’t notice when someone has moved to another bus stop, you are unlikely to have the impact you want.

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