Robert and Ian

Fruits of Fellowship Series

Two-Day Convocation 7th – 8th Feb 2015

Robert and Ian have created programmes, developed products, written books and built successful careers and institutes. Both have a sustained track record of success. Now they want to share with you how they do it. Join them in this unique Fellowship Convocation. This will be the first in the new Fruits of Fellowship series. You will learn how to:

  • Evolve new platforms of influence and expand your sources of revenue
  • Deal with disruption in the marketplace and leverage changing consumer habits
  • Produce viable business ideas which you can then implement
  • Identify needs which create new opportunities for generating income
  • Develop a sustained pattern of innovation in your life

These benefits emerge from asking yourself: What matters to you? And how do you make that relevant to people? There is a difference between being a “one hit wonder” and learning strategies which enable you to create sustained success. In this convocation, Ian and Robert will share with you the principles and processes that they have used in order to achieve a lifetime of success.

For Robert and Ian this involves engaging with like-minded others. But it’s only the beginning. Another key question they ask themselves is “What is the future that wants to be created through us?” This is how you learn, in their words, to ‘lead from the future’.Why a convocation?

Here’s what they said:

“Convocation comes from the Latin convocare which means ‘to call together’. We would like to call you to come together with us so we can share with you how we do what we do and put it in service of what you want to do.”

2015 is the 40th anniversary of NLP. Coming together on the same platform and sharing how they do what they do is Ian and Robert’s way of celebrating. “We want to make a special contribution to supporting the next generation.

This will be the first time they share their process in public so you can see it in action and learn to do it yourself with their input and support. They will be sharing how they do what they do and what makes it effective. Join us and learn how to raise your game in 2015 personally and professionally.


A word from Robert & Ian:

We want you to walk away with practical plans that we are excited to learn more about.

We know there is huge creativity in our field. We want to create a context in which that creativity can thrive. We have done this many times for ourselves. Now we’d like to do it with you. The result will be practical projects and ventures.

This is our way of helping to kick-start a new generation of practical innovation.

If you would like to attend this fantastic weekend, please click on the link to book