A ‘Daily Moment of Calm’ is more than just taking a break from ‘doing’ and of course ‘thinking’ – both can be draining! It’s an act of pausing, noticing, feeling and the bonus benefit of appreciating.

In today’s fast-paced, digital era, it’s easy to become engrossed in our screens and routines as a distraction or a way to relax. Sure, this is okay from time-to-time, but when this becomes the norm it can cause problems. It impacts the brain’s reward system, moves us away from our innate inner calm and steals our attention from the beauty, lessons, and moments of peace our surroundings can offer.

The idea behind a ‘Daily Moment of Calm’ is to practice moments when you slow down intentionally. To become more present and to engage your senses to connect with nature amidst everything else fighting for your attention.

Engage your senses

It’s more than just observing your surroundings. Instead it’s about connecting with the subtleties of our natural world, to encounter the visceral experience of life through your senses.

As the NLP Presupposition goes, “you create what you concentrate on”.

It’s about using touch to notice the breeze as it brushes your face, becoming aware of its presence through its kinetic energy. Or to catch the light as it shines through the trees, making intriguing shadows on the ground. Perhaps you might even hear a bird serenade you with a song before you spot it proudly perched in the distance. And what if you followed your nose, letting your curiosity lead you to the scent of the roses that line a path, to discover their own distinct fragrance.

Feel at home within yourself

When you connect to your environment like this and take yourself into nature and out of your busy mind, you connect inwards within yourself. Some might call it a type of mindfulness or meditation; we call it a ‘Daily Moment of Calm’ because nothing is more comforting than feeling at home with yourself.
Need more reasons to practice a ‘Daily Moment of Calm’? Then read some more benefits below: 

Practice your awareness 

The more you notice the more you will see…

At the heart of ‘Daily Moment of Calm’ lies awareness. It’s the ability to attune ourselves to the world around us in a way that we might not be accustomed to. As you begin to practice noticing, you’ll start seeing things that were always there but easily overlooked. Things like; a flower growing through concrete, the intricate pattern of leaves, or the warm hue of a sunset. This kind of heightened awareness doesn’t just enrich our daily experiences. It also roots us in the present, detaching us momentarily from our anxieties and future worries.

Paradoxical Truths

Everything everywhere all at once

When you delve into a ‘Daily Moment of Calm’ daily, you become acutely aware of the juxtapositions that life offers. Like the circle of life, when an ending for one animal means the survival of another. Or an example in our human experience, are the mixed feelings that arise with the experience of change. How it can create both sadness that comes from endings and excitement that comes from new opportunities.

Such paradoxical truths underscore the richness and depth of life. They remind us that things are not merely black or white but exists in multitudes of grays. And as we notice and embrace these layered emotions and experiences, we gain a deeper appreciation for the full spectrum of life.

Knowing What You Want

Creating time to think 

Regular ‘Moments of Calm’ can inadvertently become moments of introspection. When we slow down and observe, we also turn our gaze inward, asking questions like, “What do I truly want?”. By creating this mental and emotional space, we can identify our desires, passions, and the direction we wish to take in life. The clarity attained from such moments can be transformative, steering us towards paths that resonate more deeply with our inner selves.

Lessons from Nature

Get more clarity and perspective… 

Nature, in all its beauty and complexity, offers a myriad of lessons if we take the time to notice. For instance, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly can serve as a metaphor for change and transformation. The ebb and flow of tides might remind us that life has its rhythms, its highs, and lows. Through associative thinking, where one thought or observation leads to another, we can draw parallels between nature and our lives, gleaning insights and wisdom.

Pulling it all together

A ‘Daily Moment of Calm’ isn’t just about seeing the world with new eyes but also about understanding ourselves and our place within the grand tapestry of existence.

By dedicating a daily moment for this practice, you can find a reservoir of calm, draw insights from the environment, and journey toward a more fulfilling, mindful life. It’s a simple, yet profound way to reconnect with the world and oneself.

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