What does it mean to be Neuro-Effective™?

To put it another way, are you, your team and the organisation working with the way the brain works – or not?

When developing yourself or the people around you, you may already have had the experience that people and businesses can really benefit from some of the work being done in neuroscience, but it needs to be applied neuroscience. Exploring this further always guides us toward best practice. We want to share the fruits of this way of thinking which will provide practical ways for you and your organisation to become more neuro-effective.

This way of thinking can enhance how you work with people to develop both their personal and professional life by gaining a deeper understanding of the brain and how to work with it. You will also maximise your impact and influence on human behaviour. More than that though, it’s about…

  • Increased self-awareness of your own behaviours, and therefore…
  • …increased choice about what behaviours you keep and which you change.
  • Practical skills about how to change if you decide that’s what you want.
  • Greater understanding of the impact that those behaviours might have on others so that you’ve got a better basis/rationale for your choice.

So – leaders, coaches, consultants, trainers, health professionals – absolutely. And how about being a parent or a teacher? Do you think knowing about this might be useful?

The 5 key areas where neuroscience can really give you the edge…

In terms of the impact you can have on human behaviour and in terms of practical application of neuroscience, there are 5 key areas of research and knowledge that we currently have enough evidence about the brain to talk about – in a meaningful way. You can read more about the 5 key areas and gain some Neuro-Effective™ Insights to each, by reading the articles listed below.

Neuro-Effective™ Insights Part 1: Emotional Regulation & Motivation

Neuro-Effective™ Insights Part 2: Creativity & Insight

Neuro-Effective™ Insights Part 3: Learning & Memory

Neuro-Effective™ Insights Part 4: Decision Making & Planning

Neuro-Effective™ Insights Part 5: Stress, Resilience & Contemplation

We surveyed the field and selected the most useful and impactful areas to know about and apply practically. We then took these areas, distilled complex research into practically applicable tools and co-created the Applied Neuroscience Programme. This programme allows you to have a better understanding of yourself, others, how people work in teams and how you might lead better, amongst other areas of application.

This article is co-authored by Ian McDermott and Professor Patricia Riddell