We are now into the final quarter of this year. Too often people are busy trying to keep up with the demands in their life and this can mean that you don’t take stock of what really matters. Another day playing catch up does not get you the life you want. And too often playing catch up becomes a way of life – and another year goes by.


1. Before this final quarter of 2014 disappears you need to take stock and ask yourself “what kind of year have I had?” It’s good to do this before Christmas because you’ve still got almost a quarter of the year left. If you need to make changes there is still time to get back in control.

Ask yourself:
• what kind of year have you had?
• what do you need to do now to make sure that you can look back and say that you did a lot of what matters to you?
Or to put it another way what do you need to do so you can look back and say that it was a good year, not just another year?

2. When people feel pushed for time little things get neglected. That squeaky door hinge/ dripping tap/overflowing kitchen drawer is irritating but you just haven’t got time. Right?

Wrong! Take one of these minor annoyances and fix it. You will be astonished at the disproportionate sense of satisfaction you experience from sorting it out. It’s both a relief but also a moment where you have just improved the quality of your life. By caring for your living environment you care for yourself.

3. Imagine how you’d like next year to be. When you’re on a train or waiting in traffic do a little day dreaming about next year. Such imagining is really a mental rehearsal technique and it helps your brain prepare for change. This way you’ll be laying the groundwork for next year.

And if you want to know how to really make those New Year resolutions come true, check in with me in January and I’ll give you the how-to’s.

Til then
Ian McDermott