CHANGE: Many people want it but most struggle to achieve it. On this ground-breaking CD, Ian McDermott unveils the secrets of powerful and effective change. By combining the tools of NLP and Coaching you will discover how to break through the limitations that may have been preventing the changes you desire from happening easily.

  • Learn how the skills of NLP Coaching can be used to create rapid and effective change
  • Discover why most attempts at change fail
  • Discover vital tools for accessing the positive purposes that lie behind all human behaviour
  • Experience how change can be much faster and easier than most people think

Table of Contents


1. Your Style of Change (11.10)
2. Motivation (15.55)
3. Self Leadership (20.09)
4. Enthusiasm (12.19)
5. A Hit List of Tips (20.25)


A Hit List of Tips cont. (21.54)