Part 1: Who’s Driving The Bus?

Within this short session Ian will delve into the fundamental aspect of taking control of your own life. Join him to explore some practical questions to help cultivate resilience and adaptability, and identify small actions you can take today to empower yourself and challenge limiting beliefs or fears.

Part 2: Where Are You Going And How to Get There.

Learn how to align your daily choices with your long-term vision, enabling you to stay on track and make progress towards a more fulfilling life. Don’t let busyness dictate your path. Take control and create a life that aligns with the things you want.

Part 3: What Do You Really Want?

During this session Ian will deliver evocative questions to help you to understand the deeper significance of your aspirations. So you can start to align your actions with your core values and passions, for more authenticity, fulfilment, and meaningful connections.

Where To Next?

If these kinds of questions matter to you, then you’ll probably want to learn more about NLP and Coaching.

Why? Because NLP can provide you with impactful transformative tools to make change possible and learning a Coach Approach can assist anyone faced with a challenge, by helping them to take a step back, catch a breath and take stock to engage in effective action. You can do this for yourself, or you can do it to help others.

To experience these benefits firsthand then join us in our upcoming introductory Discovery Events below – they are for anyone who wants to learn more about NLP and Coaching.

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