The Art of Systems Thinking

The Art of Systems Thinking


What is systems thinking?
Systems thinking goes beyond logic, because people are not always logical. Systems thinking sees beyond isolated events to the deeper patterns and connections.

Why is it so important?
Because we live in a world of systems. Your body is a system, so id your family. The natural environment is a system, as is your business. Understanding how these systems work will dramatically increase your effectiveness, save you time and help you achieve your goals.
Systems thinking is practical and immensely useful. It is not an academic discipline requiring mathematics or engineering to understand it. This book explains the principles of systems thinking in a straightforward way with practical applications, exercises and examples that will help you become more influential and successful in managing your health, work, finances and relationships.
This book will show you how:

  • you can get a huge result for a small effort
  • obvious solutions can often do more harm than good
  • to avoid recurrent misfortunes that seem to happen automatically
  • to know the best time to change strategy
  • your attempted solution can cause the problem you are trying to solve
  • you can never do just one thing because there are always side effects

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