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NLP Master Practitioner Programme – Offer for Graduates

We are very excited to extend this special offer to you.
As someone who has previously completed the NLP Master Practitioner Programme, we would love to welcome you back and offer you a 70% discount (yes, you read that correctly).

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Bonus Offer

If you take advantage of this discount, we will also offer a 10% discount to one of your friends, colleagues or family members who books onto a certified programme in the same year.

Here are a few reasons you may want to do this again, and of course you may well have some of your own!

Model the Trainers – see three of the best trainers in the field, and get curious about how they do what they do. It’s a whole new perspective. Modelling is at the heart of what makes NLP unique after all!

Ian McDermott – ITS Founder. If you have completed your NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Programme with us before, then Ian needs no introduction – and if you’re thinking of coming back, then we’re confident you already have your own reasons for what you will learn and how you will benefit from being back in the same room as this Master Trainer.

Robert Dilts – synonymous with excellence and commitment in the field of NLP. Robert Dilts has led the way in creating numerous specific techniques to elegantly and effectively help people to change limiting beliefs. In the process he has created a whole range of different approaches which enable just about anyone to generate new and appropriate beliefs which give hope for the future, a sense of capability and responsibility and the experience of self-worth and belonging.

Tim Hallbom – an internationally renowned NLP trainer, developer and author. Tim has been training NLP for over 20 years, and is known for his precision, humour, and his ability to make NLP easy to learn and understand. Tim has done extensive research in the areas of stress, health, financial prosperity and personal productivity and delivers training around the world in these areas.

Model the Training – are you involved in delivering training or looking to in the future? This is a great way to get some ideas and see how an established and popular training programme is put together.

Internationally Accredited Training – this programme is now accredited by the International Coach Federation for Continuing Coach Education hours. If you are individually accredited by the ICF, you know what this means. If you aren’t, then it means you are participating in a training that is internationally accredited by the largest independent coaching organisation in the world.

Network with like-minded peers – successful business collaborations and life-long friendships have been struck up frequently on ITS programmes. It’s great to be around great people, and we can promise there will be great people in the room.

Learn new tools and techniques – you may have missed something the first time around, and tools and techniques may have evolved and even been added. You’ll get all the latest techniques from these Master Trainers.

Get a whole new understanding – we would imagine that your personal and professional circumstances are not exactly the same as when you were last training with us. And new circumstances, means new learning and new understanding. People who have repeated the training before always tell us it feels like a different experience – and very much a positive one.

Refresh your Core Skills – it is no bad thing to strengthen the foundations of your NLP knowledge and practice. You’ll be amazed at how many tools and techniques you will start putting back in use straight away, and the results will follow.

Discount – did we mention you will be receiving a 70% discount? We hope you agree this is incredible value for money and a great investment in yourself.

ITS – that’s right, we thought we’d give ourselves a little pat on the back. As an organisation that has been delivering NLP training for over 30 years, we’re proud that people continue to come back to us, and that we receive so much of our business through our graduates very generous word of mouth referrals – it helps us know we are doing something right.

Dates & Times


Module 1:
Winning Hearts & Minds
Ian McDermott
26th – 28th February 2021

Module 2:
Working with the Wisdom Within & Hypnosis
Tim Hallbom
26th – 28th March 2021

Module 3:
New Tools: Changing Belief Systems
Robert Dilts
7th – 9th May 2021

Module 4:
Making Real Change Happen
Ian McDermott
4th – 6th June 2021

Modules 1 & 4: 10am – 5pm Daily
Modules 2 & 3: 10am – 6pm Daily


London Kensington Forum
Holiday Inn, Kensington
London, UK

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Price: £838.50 + VAT

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