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Experience NLP: How you can open a world of new possibilities

2 hour introductory workshop with Ian McDermott

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If you are wondering what NLP really is and how it can make a difference in all areas of your life – in current times and in the future – then this session is for you.

We invite you to come and explore your curiosity with renowned Master NLP trainer Ian McDermott, known for his unique ability to make learning simple and his compassion in helping people become more of themselves.

Join us to learn how specific NLP tools and techniques can help you – and others – be at your best more of the time, especially when faced with challenges.

Experience the uniquely practical ‘how to’ approach to achieving excellence, as you explore the benefits and applications of NLP.

Interested in a free introductory NLP workshop

If you’re interested in both NLP & Coaching – how they complement and differ from each other to identify how they can best serve you – then book both upcoming FREE ‘Experience Sessions’.

On the day…

  • You will discover practical NLP tools that you can put into use immediately.
  • You will meet some like-minded people as you participate in small group exercises to experience the impact of the tools you are learning.
  • You will get a better idea if further NLP Practitioner training is a good move for you (but don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch).

Discover the benefits of learning NLP

Many people who learn NLP are drawn in by it’s universal application when it comes to people; whether that be your own personal or professional development, or working with clients, teams and organisations.

The benefits and applications are wide and varied, here are just some of those that people come to experience:

  • Help you to become clear about what you really want.
  • Create strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Find new ways to solve problems.
  • Acquire the skills you admire in others.
  • Use your time and energy more effectively.
  • Develop your sense of purpose.
  • Be clear about your values and align your actions to them.
  • Become a more engaging and effective communicator.
  • Discover how your beliefs can help – or limit – you.
  • Make the changes you need to make.
  • Overcome the effects of negative experiences.
  • Feel confident in whatever you attempt to do and in any role you find yourself in.

Meet your trainer

Ian McDermott

Ian is the founder of ITS and the man who first brought NLP and Coaching, and then NLP and Neuroscience together. He is a thought leader in the application of NLP in numerous fields particularly leadership, innovation and collaboration. Ian has trained a generation of NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who are working all over the world. His 15 books have been translated into 20 languages. Ian is renowned for his unique ability to make learning simple and fun, and his compassionate teaching style that helps people truly feel more at ease in themselves and the roles they find themselves in.

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