The Power of Beliefs:
Shaping your world for better or for worse

3 hour live-online workshop


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Our beliefs drive our behaviour. That makes them pretty important.

We have beliefs about ourselves; about other people; about what is possible and indeed what is not possible.

Beliefs shape our world, our careers, our experiences, our relationships – our whole lives! Many of our beliefs are not consciously formed, rather they are a result of the experiences we have lived, the people we have known and the world we inhabit. When you know how beliefs actually work you can make a life of your choosing.

It could be said that our beliefs have the power to make each day heaven or hell for us - and for those around us!

So what have you learnt to believe? When did you last check if all your beliefs are still working for you?

Just as we can learn things, so we can unlearn and change old beliefs that may be limiting us.

We can also develop new ones that fit with now.

Want to know how?

During this session you will explore:

  • What a belief is and the purpose it serves
  • How beliefs form
  • Different types of belief
  • How beliefs impact every day of your life
  • How to become more aware of your own and others’ beliefs
  • New pathways to belief change.

This 3 hour workshop will

  • Open your eyes to new possibilities for you and others.
  • Highlight how you can change limiting beliefs
  • Give you directions on building a winning belief system.

Meet your trainers

Ian McDermott

The man who brought NLP and coaching together, Ian is a thought leader in the field of leadership, innovation and collaboration. A prolific author, his books have been translated into 20 languages. His most recent is The Collaborative Leader: The Ultimate Leadership Challenge.

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