Coaching a Team to High Performance

Coaching a Team to High Performance is a complex process requiring a coach to wear many hats. Each of the following 90 minute teleclasses will address the three important areas that a team coach must know about in order to help the team be successful. Each class also highlights the critical ICF Competencies used with each tool or method. Coaches are encouraged to take all three classes in the order they are offered.

1. Creating a Foundation for Successful Teamwork

As a competitive advantage in organizations, teamwork is the most powerful tool and yet, often misses the mark. In this teleclass you will learn:

  • The critical differences between personal coaching and group coaching
  • How to create a foundation that can address a wide-range of teaming
  • What to do to support a team leader in overcoming resistance
  • The different ways that a coach’s role may differ at the start of a team’s formation.

2. Developing a High Performing Team

A premise of developing high performing teams is to remember that successful teams do not just happen. They require much energy on everyone’s part including effort on the part of the team leader and the coach. In this teleclass you will learn:

  • A blueprint for moving a team through group process
  • The five key elements found in solid team relationships
  • The role of a coach in building collaboration
  • The four necessary behaviors for members in a team setting.

3. Sustaining Successful Collaboration

Team experts all agree that a masterful coach can help team members deal with potential issues or existing problems in order to meet their challenges and opportunities. In this teleclass you will learn:

  • How to help the team manage progress and accountability
  • Tools to address inter-personal and team issues, such as conflict and decision-making
  • Learn the most important questions for each team member to answer
  • The ongoing role of a coach with a team and the team’s leader.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is recommended for people with significant coaching experience and/or a coaching qualification.

Please note: These teleclasses are part of the Mastering the Coach Approach Programme

Meet the trainer

Pat White

A coach (ICF MCC) and consultant to Fortune 100 companies, as well as a certified Professional Mentor Coach, Pat has been specializing in Team Coaching for over 20 years. Pat works with new and experienced coaches who want to become more masterful in both their skills and growing their businesses.

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