Friday 18th May 2018

Catalyzing the Possibilities of Intentional Fellowship with Robert Dilts and Ian McDermott.

Intentional Fellowship is the product of a mindset and a desire to create something meaningful with others in service of a higher purpose. it is a mindset that can unite people from completely different backgrounds and skill-sets. While it often leads to the successful accomplishments of goals, this outer success is always a consequence of an inner journey of personal evolution.

In our experience, Intentional Fellowship yields High Stakes Benefits because it calls on us to: Use our unique abilities in service of something bigger
Connect with others in a way that is reciprocal and joyful
Be more loose, agile and entrepreneurial
Speaking for ourselves, Intentional Fellowship is the basis of our friendship and working partnership which has extended over thirty years. It is responsible for so many of our generative initiatives and the success they have enjoyed. You might say it’s our secret sauce.

In addition to a mindset and desire, it requires skill and discipline. In this masterclass, we want to explore these four dimensions, share with you how we do what we do and invite you to join us in creating your own intentional fellowship.

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The event has moved away from central London to make it more accessible for local, national and international delegates. Ticket prices include:

  • Access to all streams over the 3 days
  • FREE Parking (worth £105 over 3 days)
  • FREE 3-course buffet lunch in our own exclusive dining room (worth £75 over 3 days)
  • FREE Wi-Fi in the Orbiter Conference Building for the duration of the event
  • FREE bus travel from Heathrow Airport to the Park Inn by Radisson
  • Exhibition Stands and the ever popular Crown House Book stall

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