Neuroscience Business Masterclass

Effective Leadership in a Post Pandemic World

One day workshop bringing you the latest thinking and tools from the field of Applied Neuroscience. Live & Online.
With Professor Patricia Riddell & Ian McDermott.

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Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, suggests if you have 100 employees you won’t need 100 desks, maybe 60. Unilever workers will never return to their desks full-time, CEO Alan Jope has stated. Clearly, this enforced experiment that has been lockdown has raised questions about how we will work going forward.

While the most obvious difference that might arise from our most recent experience is working from home versus being office based, there are actually a number of major challenges that leaders will have to address. This workshop will highlight the changes in leadership practice needed to navigate a successful recovery.

A Neuroscience Approach

We will focus on 5 key leadership challenges that come with any new territory.

  • Balancing focused solo time with what we need to do together to get the job done.
  • How to create innovative solutions to organisational dilemmas (e.g. working in the office versus working at home) using brain-friendly approaches.
  • Balancing trust and control when leading others.
  • How to ensure equality of voice wherever you and your people are located geographically.
  • How to build better self-resilience and psychological safety for everybody in these new working environments.

Using recent neuroscience findings, we will be offering practical insights plus tools and techniques you can use immediately. In addition, this workshop will provide a space for like-minded individuals with responsibility for leadership to strategise about how best to adapt to the changes that result from crises.

This interactive workshop is designed for leaders, managers, coaches and trainers who are seeking tools to improve leadership post-crises.

During this day we will:

  • Share a method to create solutions for organisational dilemmas.
  • Focus on how to ensure that team members feel equally valued for their input.
  • Give you tools that allow you to lead with trust while monitoring effectiveness.
  • Focus on how to maximise productivity across different types of workplaces.
  • Spotlight how greater self-resilience will benefit your employees, their team and the organisation.

Your trainers

Right now there is so much hype around neuroscience – but when you look at much of what’s on offer, you won’t see too many neuroscientists! ITS is unique in having a Consultant Neuroscientist on faculty, Professor Patricia Riddell.

Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott have been working together for over a decade. In their own words, “we came together because translating the insights from neuroscience into practical tools that can be used by leaders, coaches and other practitioners requires combining neuroscience and practical organisational experience.”

Join Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott and learn how you can apply the most recent findings of neuroscience to the leadership required to successfully navigate crises and their aftermath.

Professor Patricia Riddell

A Professor of Applied Neuroscience and a chartered psychologist and chartered scientist. She is passionate about bringing the expanding knowledge that we have about the brain and how it drives behaviour to professionals.

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Ian McDermott

Based in the UK and the US, Ian has a global perspective working with senior leaders in international companies and organisations. His focus is on Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and Risk. He is co-creator of the ITS Applied Neuroscience Programme.

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