Dare to Dream – NOW!

How to have more ‘magic’ in your life and your career.

One day workshop: Friday 9th September 2022 from 12:00 to 17:00 UK time

Live. Online. Experiential.
Delivered by Ian McDermott

Do you know what your “thing” is? You know the thing that lights a fire in your belly. Do you know how to locate it, how to nurture it and most importantly how to live it?

Step off of your daily life for a few hours and take time for you to get clear about how you want to make a difference, now. And how you are going to put that into action.

Life is precious. Yes, you can. The time is now.


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First pause, then pivot

Many people work and live in a flat-out kinda way. But we need to balance this. We need to know how to recharge, replenish and reconnect with ourselves.

If we’re going to be in charge of where our life is going we also need to check-in with ourselves on a regular basis. Things change within us and sometimes the life we are living needs to catch up with who we are now.

Are we living a life that matters to us? Are we fulfilled in our work? What do we really want for ourselves and for the world we live in?

This day will help you:

  • Update your sense of what matters to you now.
  • Ensure that you are not just busy-being-busy..
  • Learn how to use any discomfort or discontent you feel to your advantage.
  • Let go of things that are not serving you anymore.
  • Take action towards living more of the life you want.
  • Develop your own system for refreshing and replenishing yourself.
  • Be open and ready for opportunity and possibility.
  • Create the mindset, consistency and discipline to keep going.
  • Learn how to share this with your clients, your team and your family.

On the day, you will explore 3 key themes and principles…

The art of subtraction

    • How to lighten your load.
    • Creating more choice. 
    • Removing distractions.

Connecting to now

    • Know your now.
    • Be ready for opportunity.
    • Find your own path.

Shaping your future.

    • Claiming agency.
    • Exploring your Purpose.
    • Taking action.

And you won’t be alone…

The company you keep shapes your life – you will be sharing this time and meeting a diverse range of people on the day. A few hours together exploring these topics creates such rich conversation and such powerful learnings that your life will absolutely be different – better! – by the time you leave.

Meet your trainer

Ian McDermott

Ian is the founder of ITS and the man who first brought NLP and Coaching, and then NLP and Neuroscience together. He is a thought leader in the application of NLP in numerous fields particularly leadership, innovation and collaboration. Ian has trained a generation of NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and coaches who are working all over the world. His 15 books have been translated into 20 languages. Ian is renowned for his unique ability to make learning simple and fun, and his compassionate teaching style that helps people truly feel more at ease in themselves and the roles they find themselves in.

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