Awaken Your Inner Coach

One day online workshop
With Ian McDermott, author of ‘Your Inner Coach’

Many of us have recently experienced more uncertainty than we’ve ever had in the world before – and that can often translate to uncertainty within us. Many of us have also found some sense of self or career development that we would want to pursue. Or in lots of cases some sense of self or career that we don’t want to return to. As we all face some level of transition and change, we invite you to join us on our ‘Leading from Within’ pathway with a brand new one day workshop.

  • Would you like to feel more ease and energy within yourself?
  • Would you like to have more confidence in your intuition and your decision making?
  • Would you like to be able to access a greater range of information from within yourself?

This one day workshop will focus on the process of Inner Coaching which you can use for both yourself and to support those around you; clients, colleagues, family.

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*please note: If you book either the 2020 NLP Practitioner Programme with Neuroscience or the Mastering the Coach Approach Programme at their Super Early Bird price, we will invite you and a guest to attend this one day workshop for free.

Every day conscious thinking is not enough to handle the complexity of the human experience. We all deal with complexity through our unconscious (or ‘other-than-conscious’).

One of the most exciting and rewarding skills we can learn in life is working with and trusting the unconscious. Your unconscious is as much a part of you as your eyes, ears and fingers. When we use the word ‘unconscious’ we’re including everything about you that you don’t have regular, immediate access to.

When you ‘check-in’ with yourself regularly and attentively, when you are willing to wonder and be humbled by the amazing power that is yours all the time, when you’re prepared to learn from your own inner workings and to make friends with what you can’t closely analyse or define – then you open up to yourself a truly remarkable dimension of your own potential. Your unconscious mind is your best ever source of wisdom, information and judgement.

There are people who know vast amounts of subject knowledge and show exceptional professional expertise, but can seem all over the place as people (you’ve got someone in mind now, haven’t you?). Then there are people who have that personal mastery; that gravitas; that presence. You won’t find that somewhere out there in the world, but rather by looking within; by developing a higher level of rapport between your normal awareness and your unconscious. People who commit to building this relationship achieve more – and achieve it more easily – than people who don’t.

What is Inner Coaching?

Inner Coaching is a form of dynamic self-enquiry that will help you learn how to access and communicate with your unconscious and how to tap into your own guidance and wisdom. Ever had that experience of surprising yourself and thinking ‘Now where did that come from?’

On this one day workshop we will explore Inner Coaching through the principles, skills and states of mind that help create and sustain a productive internal relationship between you and yourself.

We will share and practice practical tools and techniques that show you how to:

  • Build self-knowledge and greater rapport with yourself.
  • Access and trust your gut feelings and intuition.
  • Find what you really want in life – and harness the wealth of your internal resources to achieve it.
  • Become more creative, confident and spontaneous.

The Benefits of Inner Coaching

Cultivating an Inner Coaching relationship with yourself will give you:

  • Much fuller information about your nature, your potential and the way you interact with your world.
  • Greater access to your own resources – and a new understanding of how extensive they really are.
  • An increased ability to self-monitor and self-manage.
  • A greater sense of ease with yourself.
  • The ability to work towards your chosen goals with a more unified energy and commitment.
  • More effective strategies for interacting with others.
  • An enhanced ability to make wise choices and live your life to the full.
  • A sense of wonder at both who you are and who you might become.

The skills that you practice initially through your Inner Coaching become increasingly rapid and automatic, so that you become able to shift quickly and effortlessly between different states of awareness, accessing a fuller range of potential information almost without thinking. And it can all begin naturally, easily and immediately from the very first moment you make the commitment to work with yourself in this way.

We would love you to use this day as a springboard to enter the next phase of your life and this changing world with a greater sense of energy, ease and confidence – and that absolutely starts within you.

Your Trainer

Ian McDermott

The Founder of ITS and the man who brought NLP and coaching together. Ian is also External Faculty at Henley Business School and a co-creator of the Henley MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural Change. He has literally trained a generation of coaches and is a member of the Association for Coaching’s Global Advisory Panel, as well as being a prolific author of and contributor to a range of coaching books.

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Online learning – Live and Experiential

Running our workshops & programmes online doesn’t change what we’re about at ITS; and nor does it change what’s important to us about the quality of training and experience we deliver, and have delivered for over 30 years.

Our own online experience of engaging with hundreds, if not thousands of people, has been that meaningful conversation and profound connection has been the norm; that people are eager to learn and come together; and as a consequence that community is alive and well online. The feedback has been extraordinary, many people even preferring the experience (as one delegate pointed out, “Everybody has a front row seat”) and certainly enjoying the extra time, money and energy they can save without travel and accommodation to think about.

Making the most of the fantastic technology available to us means our trainings can have:

  • Pair and small group skill builder exercises using breakout rooms
  • Q&A with the trainer
  • Live demonstrations of the techniques in action so you can witness it’s application and impact in real time
  • Group conversation and peer learning

Whether online or face-to-face, what drives us has not changed. If anything our purpose is clearer: to help people be more of who they really are so that they may experience not just success but fulfilment. And by doing so, may help others to do the same.