‘Try out’ ITS and our Master trainer Ian McDermott

The Essential NLP Workshop is your ideal opportunity to see for yourself how NLP can offer you the benefits that have made it so popular with tens of thousands of people across the world who are using NLP in their personal and working lives.

Some use Essential NLP to ‘try out’ ITS and our Master trainer Ian McDermott, before deciding to take the advanced certified programmes that comprises our 20-day NLP Practitioner Certification.

Others use Essential NLP for the valuable material that you will cover in the day which can immediately be put to use in your life.

Above all, the day will open a fascinating new world of possibilities for you, as you learn how to use some of the cutting-edge discoveries that are taking us forward in this millennium.

The workshop is relaxed and informal and very practical – it gives you the opportunity to actually experience and use NLP. By the end of the workshop, you won’t just know about NLP – you will be doing it. Many previous delegates have discovered that this workshop can produce rapid learning and change in yourself and others, creating powerful possibilities for personal and corporate development.

  • Master some of the most effective communication skills available
  • Get clear about what you want in life in the areas that matter to you most
  • Begin to learn how to run your mind more effectively
  • Experience the heart of NLP from one of the most well-respected NLP authors and trainers
  • Become better equipped to handle change – particularly career transitions and change.
  • Master some of the core skills to let go of the past and create a more empowering future.
  • Discover how to start modelling excellence in all fields of your life.

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