As Dean of Innovation and Learning for the Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI), I am delighted to be speaking at the upcoming 2017 Fusion event running from 19th – 21st July in Bloomfield Colorado. The program is aimed at attorneys, accountants, family business consultants who want to learn the latest technical topics and best practices.

Set out below is a synopsis of the content of my Fusion plenary speech and below that the breakout workshop which follows the day after.

Fusion Plenary (Wednesday 19th July)

Fostering Collaborative Leadership

It’s not enough to be an expert. You want to be a trusted advisor. Trust presupposes some kind of collaborative relationship between you and the client.

Trusted advisors occupy a position of influence that brings with it the authority of leadership. They are, in truth, collaborative leaders.

Collaborative leaders do much more than collaborate; they create a culture of collaboration – be it within a family, a team or an organization.

I’ll be exploring how to foster the mind-set that makes this possible.

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Rendevous Breakout Workshop (Thursday 20th July)

Your Collaborative Journey – Don’t lose out!

Collaboration over time is challenging – ask any couple! Professional collaboration is equally demanding albeit in different ways. But, as in our personal lives, refusal to engage with the challenge has its own costs. Professionally the less collaboration the greater the risk of isolation, under-stimulation underperformance and, frankly, just losing out.

How individuals and teams can retain their autonomy and yet engage with others to everyone’s mutual advantage is a learnable skill set. Fostering these skills is a journey in itself.

I want to share with you how to make this journey.

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