Too used to being a certain way?

This is for anyone who wants change but feels stuck.

How you are used to being is not necessarily who you are.

It’s very easy for us to get stuck in one way of being. And that’s potentially limiting even if we like it.

Why? Because there’s always a danger that we’ll underestimate what we’re capable of and unwittingly shut down our own creativity. And that’s just about the worst thing you can do in times of great uncertainty.

How-to create to more possibilities…

Our actions are determined by what we believe is possible – or believe is NOT possible. Our beliefs drive our behaviour.

When people face adversity and uncertainty, they and their beliefs are challenged. If they’re open to being challenged they often find new talents, new careers and new ways of moving on that are stimulating and exciting.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. But it’s often rewarding beyond anything they’d previously imagined.

Embrace challenges. Be open. Be curious.

I think this mindset is useful every day of our lives. How we respond will certainly shape our tomorrows. That’s why I never forget the sentiments of the Roman stoic Seneca: “those who have never been tested should be pitied because they do not know what they are capable of.”

So how – and who – might we be next? Bring it on!

Author Ian McDermott

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