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Simon is an ICF Professional Certified Coach [PCC] & (retired) professional engineer working in the high voltage power distribution and transmission sector. He has set up several startup businesses both for himself and for global corporations. He was introduced to coaching by John Whitmore through the field of performance driving. Having introduced “The Coach Approach” into his businesses he established a coaching practice, in 2012, working with startups, SMEs and young graduates.

“My primary focus is in creating environments where the client can think free of interference that empowers and gives them the ability to initiate their own solutions.”

As a NLP Master Practitioner, Simon can build rapport, trust, speed, pragmatism, curiosity, simplicity and the understanding about how outcomes, beliefs and values interact.
Simon’s aim is to work with individuals to encourage them to be at ease with challenging the familiar. By shaping moments where problems are viewed from a different perspective where new and appealing options may be found, pursued and developed.  There may be some practical “how-tos” to help with embedding the learning that is done during a session, or sessions of coaching.
Based in the UK, Simon Rycroft has developed a cultural perspective to business because of 30+ years working in Scandinavia, Australasia, the USA, Canada and latterly Korea.

Simon is a ICF Registered Coach Mentor, ICF PCC Assessor and is a member of the Henley Business School PCEC Team

Simon has completed the following ITS Certified Programmes:

  • NLP Master Practitioner Programme 2023 NLP Master
    Jun 2023

Simon has been a Resource Team member for the following ITS Certified Programmes:

  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2023/24 Coaching
    Apr 2024
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2022/23 Coaching
    Apr 2023
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2021/2022 Coaching
    Mar 2022
  • NLP Master Practitioner Programme 2023 NLP Master
    Jun 2023
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2020/2021 Coaching
    Apr 2021
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2019/2020 Coaching
    Oct 2020
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2018/2019 Coaching
    May 2019
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2017/2018 Coaching
    Jun 2018
  • NLP Master Practitioner Programme 2021 NLP Master
    Jun 2021
  • NLP Master Practitioner Programme 2019 NLP Master
    May 2019