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The Ripple Effect

Real lives. Real change. Real impact.

 Celebrating Your Ripple Effect

2017 is the 30th year of ITS.
“The stories of how people’s lives change, is the story of ITS.”
– ITS Graduate

We want to hear from graduates who have trained with ITS over the past 30 years and celebrate your stories, and the stories of people’s lives you have impacted using NLP or Coaching or Neuroscience – personally and professionally.

Some questions to consider…

  • What did you want in your life that you thought the ITS training would help deliver?
  • Did you get what you came for? What else did you get?
  • What has taking the programme enabled you to do differently/better? How specifically?
  • How have you applied your learning in your own life and what have the results been?
  • What impact has your experience with ITS had on your life? And the lives of others?
  • How has your learning with ITS allowed you to engage differently with the world around you?

I want to tell a story

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