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Mark’s varied career experience has included numerous posts at senior and director level, in both small and large organisations across industry and the voluntary sector.

He is experienced in a wide range of activities across international project management, workforce and workflow structuring, all aspects of operational and financial management, workforce training and development, in small and large/multinational businesses.

He has 15 years’ experience in business & management training and personal development, including teaching on MBA programs and as a dissertation tutor in two University Business Schools, as well as academic and vocational programs in several colleges across the south-west.

Qualifications and training include:

NLP Master Practitioner                                     Timeline™ Master practitioner

NLP Master Coach                                               Master Hypnotist

Certificate in Applied Neuroscience                Certified Practitioner of Brain and Behaviour change

ITS Coach Approach                                            Havening touch.

Following Elite level therapy training in 2017, Mark has been successfully practicing mixed-mode therapy for over 6 years, developing a strong belief in using the right tool for each task, and helping everyone recognize and access their own resources.

Recently, ICF-accredited coach training through ITS has brought new tools and approaches for this, across personal, professional and organizational coaching.

Mark also has over 20 years’ experience of supporting and teaching children and adults with additional needs,  their families and supporting professionals. The new tools are helping Mark to help these groups access and develop the specialist communication, coaching and related support they need.

Mark has been a Resource Team member for the following ITS Certified Programmes:

  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2023/24 Coaching
    Apr 2024
  • Mastering the Coach Approach 2022/23 Coaching
    Apr 2023
  • Applied Neuroscience Programme 2023 Applied Neuroscience
    Jun 2023
  • Applied Neuroscience Programme 2022 Applied Neuroscience
    Jul 2022